Internet of things solutions
Smart hotel
Zhuo Yayun Smart hotel Solution
From public areas to hotel rooms, zhuoyayun can design comprehensive intelligent solutions for different areas of the hotel. Zhuoyun smart hotel solution adopts the modular design pioneered by zhuoyun to ensure the stability and efficiency of intelligent system On the premise of, greatly reduce the use and maintenance costs of hotel operators. At the same time, the solution also integrates The latest wechat control and cloud technology greatly improve customers' check-in experience and satisfaction.
Intelligent hotel provides unlimited appreciation space
Hotel intelligent door lock
Fingerprint lock is fashionable and modern. Alloy material, feeling strong and thick. High grade surface treatment technology, the surface is fine and smooth. FPC semiconductor fingerprint head in Sweden is produced by Huawei mobile phone fingerprint module supplier. Perfect for all kinds of Hotels with different decoration styles, showing high-grade.
Product function
Hotel voice
Welcome message, contact the front desk to provide customer service Intelligent control room, intelligent equipment and scene commands. Can listen, can speak, stay at home, convenient life, just open your mouth. From video playback to life assistant.
Hotel temperature and humidity sensing
The sensor used to detect the change of temperature and humidity displays the currently detected temperature and humidity. The sensor can also send the ambient temperature and humidity signal to the gateway. Through the control panel, guests can control the air conditioning system. Using the hotel room management software, the front desk attendant can set the "check-in mode" for the room. Before the guest checks in the room, the room will automatically adjust to a comfortable temperature to welcome the guest to check in. When the guest pulls out the card and leaves the room, the air conditioning temperature will rise automatically. After leaving beyond the set time, the air conditioning will turn off automatically.
Hotel intelligent panel
Through the panel, illumination sensor and wireless device end, the control, automatic sensing and switching of different scenes of lamps and curtains are realized, so that guests feel warm and happy and save energy for the hotel at the same time.
The switch is the center of the whole hotel equipment, and the five functions of zhuoyun Z6 series are perfectly controlled
Intelligent ringing
The hotel's "one touch" service bell has a variety of room service request functions of "emergency call, hygiene and cleaning, do not disturb, please wait". Through the timely control of the information, all departments of the hotel can quickly know the needs of guests and solve them quickly at the first time.